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the lead designer.

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Well, hello there! I am LeAmber J. The proud owner and lead designer of LeAmber J's Design Studio. Here at our studio, we focus on building brands worth lasting a lifetime. Our quality and attention put into our clients' projects are imperatively important to us. 

I began designing back in January 2020. I had no experience, no training, or no guidance. This is how I knew it was a gift that God gave me! I self-taught myself a craft that I absolutely fell in love with. I've now worked with over 250+ clients around the world and so grateful for that opportunity. 

I am a very enthusiastic & energetic person. I've always been a people's person. I love people and in my field I focus on serving my clients. I am very hands own with each project. I will scrap an idea just to create an even better one. I'm always striving for TOP-TIER results and strong brand presence.  

Well, enough about me.... I can't wait to hear from you! Stay tuned to the website and make sure you subscribe to get personal gifts from me to you. Ciao! 

- LeAmber J.

The brand process


Our Instagram

"Presentation is everything, the way
you present your brand to the world
is the way they will remember it." 
-LeAmber J


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