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What you should know!

The first thing you need to understand branding is so much more than what meets the eye. I bet you're probably thinking your brand is: your logo, fonts, color codes, and textures. 

The mistake I made that cost me $62k was believing those was all i needed. Let me assure you I was wrong and I want to help you not make those same mistakes.

I remember preparing for what I thought a brand launch would be. My logo development, brand elements, and my website were ready to go. So, I launched and guess what? I had 62 people to sign up the same day I made my launch official, but no one converted over to clients.

Why do you think that is?
This was simply because the brand wasn't developed. If I would have known who I was targeting, what made me different, how to communicate with my audience and the major components of the true essence of branding that I know now, I would have been performing at a high level well before now. 

Amateurs spend most of their time performing more than they do preparing. Professionals spend more time preparing more than they do performing."

Spend less time performing the wrong way and sacrifice the time to fully prepare your business brand the right way so that when it's time to perform you are performing at 
a high level. 

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