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Our Policy


If for any reason your project is not completed, you will receive a credit that can only be used with LeAmber Js Design Studios for uncompleted items ONLY! This credit will last for 30 days starting after your completion date. If your project falls out of these guidelines all finished items will be sent to your email and all unfinished items will be cancelled alongside with your credit. A consultation call must be scheduled 2 days after online purchase. 

You have 7 days to send in all necessary items to start your project such as: Visuals, verbiage, and etc. If you send necessary items after 7 days those items can be rejected upon discretion of LeAmber Js Design Studios. Failure to send items after 7 days your project will fall under the 30 day credit rule, restart fee of 10%, and a new consultation will have to be scheduled. 

You will receive a completion date once consultation & payment is completed. If your project is not completed on this date we will have a 5 day grace period. You will receive a 50% credit that can only be used with LeAmber Js Design Studios on unfinish items ONLY If the completion date or grace period is not m

All projects will have (2) revisions ONLY! Revisions are not complete due overs. Please be very detailed on expectations during your consultation. 

Any unruly behavior will be given one verbal and written warning via email. If this behavior continues your project WILL be cancelled with no refund or no credit. 

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